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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it safe to use my credit card on the Internet?
The answer is YES. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption scrambles your credit card number when you submit your order, making it completely unreadable as it travels over the Internet. Registered customers can opt to store billing information (credit card info will not be stored) on to make shopping easier and faster. We protect all personal information including your name, physical address and email address. If you'd like to find out more about our privacy policies, please read our Privacy/Security statement.


Why can I log-in to the IEC website (, but not the Online Store?
It is possible to have a different password for the IEC and Store. You can change your password in one account, and it does not automatically change it in the other.

You will know your location by the website header/banner. If you are in the Store it will say "Martha Pullen Company Online Store", while the IEC will say "Martha's Internet Embroidery Club."

How do I know if I have an Online Store account?
First, try logging in with your email and password. If you receive an "invalid log-in" notice please request a temporary password under "Forgot Your Password" here.

If you receive an error message that says, "There is no registered user with that e-mail address!" you do not have a store account. (This does not mean that you're IEC membership is lost. You will still be able to log-in to the IEC website.) Once you have verified that you do not have a store account, please click "new members sign-up here" to create your store account. As long as you use the same email address used for your IEC account, any IEC purchase will be added to your IEC account.

I received a temporary password, and when I log-in I am told to enter my "old" password. What is the old password?
Your old password is the temporary password that you just received by email. Then you will enter a new password of your choice.

I received a temporary password, but it still will not allow me to sign-in to the store. Now What?
Be sure that you are typing the password in exactly as shown. Passwords are case sensitive, and sometimes 1 (number one) and l (letter L) can be misread. If typing the password is unsuccessful, try to copy and paste it.

I have multiple accounts for the IEC, and I want all of my years of membership available in one account. What do I do?

  • Please contact and include the following information:
  • First & Last Name:
  • Any/All Old Usernames:
  • Any/All Old Email Addresses:
  • Years of membership:
  • Current Email Address:
  • Current/Desired Password:


Can I change, cancel or delete an order for digital downloads?
Since orders for digital downloads are delivered immediately, any order containing digital downloads cannot be changed or cancelled.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?
No. Due to the electronic nature of the product, refunds or exchanges are not offered.

When will I receive my digital downloads?
All of our digital downloads are delivered electronically, directly to your computer. You will receive a confirmation e-mail almost immediately. If you have not received an e-mail within 1 hour, please check your bulk or spam folder.  If you are unable to locate the confirmation email, please contact customer service.

What is a digital project download?
A digital project download contains the same material lists, illustrations, photos and instructions that you've come to expect in printed form, except you can get it instantly over the Internet. Your digital project downloads will never expire, so you can access them on your computer as long as you want. Each electronic download is between 100k up to several MB and all formatted as Adobe® Reader® PDF format.

Read more about downloading information here.



I don't know what machine format I need?
Check your manual or with your dealer. Here is a list of common machine brands and formats:
ART - Bernina machines
DST - Tajima machines
EXP - Melco machines
HUS - Viking, Husqvarna machines
JEF - Janome machines
PCS - Pfaff machines (not available on 5x7 designs)
PES - Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina machines
SEW - Janome, Kenmore, New Home, Elna machines (not available on 5x7 design sets)
VIP - Husqvarna machines
VP3 - Husqvarna, Pfaff
XXX - Singer, Compucon machines
**Please select format when ordering.
Will your designs work on my machine?
We cannot advise as to specific embroidery machines. However, if you have a way to get designs FROM your computer TO your embroidery machine, then the answer is yes. You must know your machine's hoop capabilities as well.
Can I purchase my designs in two or more formats?
Our system only allows one format to be selected for instant download through the internet at a time. If you need multiple formats, you can order each format separately.  

Do you have a terms of use policy?
Yes! Thank you for asking. Our terms of use policy can be found here.

Help, my Outlines are off!
More often than not, the issue is inadequate stabilization and/or loose hooping.  If a project is not properly stabilized, it can and usually will throw off the outline at the end. We LOVE Floriani stabilizers and find them superb for all embroidery. RNK Distributing has some great helps on their website to help you know what kind of stabilizer will work best for your project:

Inadequate Hooping
It is always best, when possible, to hoop your project with the stabilizer and not just float the stabilizer underneath. Your project should be firmly hooped, but not pulling the fabric so as to distort it.

Machine Setting and Tension
Another possibility is that your embroidery machine settings and tension could be off causing distortion of the embroidery design.  Make sure your tensions are working properly to ensure a favorable stitch out of your embroidery design.

Resizing or Editing the File
Editing or resizing the machine embroidery designs, especially if you are not familiar with doing it, can often distort the design. It is best to work with the files that you purchased. If you must edit them, be sure you are using a good editing program and that you know how to use the embroidery software.

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